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Siege of Leningrad is Mike Perryman's second book of Leningrad scenarios for Panzer Grenadier Like its sister book March on Lenigrad , Siege offers players a nice mix of small, fast-moving scenarios and large-scale battles where one side or another tries to hold back the enemy hordes. I used my Akuma yesterday, hit the highways and main roads through the city, despite starting it late and being killed early on by a troll I still hit 80+ near misses before a T20 hit me head on with tres breaking news seconds to go. Won this at 83 vs next best of cincuenta y cinco. If I had used the full time I am sure I could have hit 200+ easily.

The thing shouldn't be in game as is. If you want man sized tank cannons on the battlefield then thats what this is. It basicly has the same damage as a 37mm without rigid ammo.... in a small 14.5mm bullet... F THAT. Effectively they didn't work against any armor plating found on anything heavier than pre-war tank armor on the very lightest of tanks.

Also... it would be nice if you used the classic Super Metroid sound for picking items up. The important items (or the first time you get missiles) should use it. The expansions and energy tanks may have the sound you're using right now for the demo, or better yet, the one you used for the tech demo (the one that sounds like a Game Boy, but maybe a little more stylish).

I bought this and my two grandsons, diez and siete, who are huge fans of the show, love it. They started playing on my iPhone and quickly got a larger tank and 5 of the fish. I had some trouble accessing it on the iPads (which turned out to be on MY end and once I restarted them, there was no problem), but Customer Service was johnny-on-the-spot with immediate suggestions and an obvious willingness to help, so that is greatly appreciated! It is easy to get started and play, and they rack up clams pretty fast so you don't feel like you are being held up to get extra stuff in order to really enjoy the game.

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Post by popeswmwquncga (2016-01-24 02:33)

Tags: tank games online games tank trouble

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